Urbasa Natural Park and the Urederra Birthplace

El Nacedero de Urederra

Explore the Urbasa Natural Park and the Urederra Birthplace: An Encounter with Pure Nature in Navarre

From Hotel Iriguibel, located in the heart of Navarre, we invite you to discover two of the region’s most stunning natural treasures: the Urbasa Natural Park and the Urederra Birthplace. The latter, known as the source of the Urederra River, is the natural outlet of the aquifer formed in the karst massif of Urbasa. Here, water emerges from the earth forming pools of intense turquoise blue that will take your breath away, in a spectacle of pure and crystalline beauty that you must not miss.

A Spectacular Visual Journey

Visiting the Urederra Birthplace offers a spectacular visual experience, where emerald-colored waters carve their way through waterfalls and ancient rocks, creating a dreamlike landscape that seems lifted from a fairy tale. This natural phenomenon is not only a geological wonder but also a vital source of biodiversity and a refuge for numerous species of flora and fauna.

Delve into the Heart of Urbasa

The Urbasa Natural Park extends beyond the birthplace, offering expansive pastures and dense beech forests. As you wander the trails that snake through the park, you will discover numerous streams and waterfalls that spring directly from the heart of Urbasa, revealing the hidden life that pulses beneath your feet. It is an ideal place for those seeking tranquility and a deep connection with nature.

The Majesty of Urbasa from Every Angle

Additionally, the park offers numerous viewpoints, such as the Pilatos Balcony, from where you can enjoy panoramic views that stretch to the peaks of the Pyrenees. For photography lovers or those who simply wish to capture moments of serene beauty, this is the perfect spot.

Activities for All Tastes

From peaceful walks along its wooded trails to exciting mountain bike routes over its hills, each visitor can find their own way to connect with nature. And for the more adventurous, the park has areas equipped for climbing and paragliding, offering new perspectives on its stunning landscape.

A Natural Refuge Just Steps from Comfort

After a day of exploring, Hotel Iriguibel awaits you with all the comfort of its facilities. Enjoy a dinner made with local products in our restaurant or relax in your room with mountain views, recharging your energy to continue discovering Navarre’s secrets the next day.

Visit Urbasa Natural Park and the Urederra Birthplace During Your Stay

We invite you to explore these magnificent natural environments during your stay at Hotel Iriguibel. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful getaway or an action-packed adventure, we offer a unique experience that will capture your heart and feed your spirit of adventure.