The Castle of Olite

Castillo de Olite Navarra

The Castle of Olite: A Journey into the Opulence of Navarrese Royalty

From Hotel Iriguibel, we invite you to immerse yourself in the history and splendor of the ancient kingdom of Navarre with a visit to the Castle of Olite, one of the most splendid and best-preserved palaces in Europe.

A Jewel in the Navarrese Crown

Constructed by King Carlos III “the Noble,” the Castle of Olite today stands as one of the most emblematic symbols of Navarre. This lavish palace, boasting as many rooms as there are days in the year, was in its time one of the most luxurious and whimsical palaces across Europe. Designed to be the envy of kings and courtiers alike, the castle reflects the power and wealth that the Navarrese kingdom boasted under the reign of Carlos III.

A Labyrinth of Beauty

The design of the castle is a complex web of towers, galleries, gardens, chambers, and courtyards with a decidedly monarchical character. Though it may seem at first glance that its sections do not harmonize, this irregular ensemble only adds to its majesty and charm. Walking through the Castle of Olite is like strolling through a fairy tale, where every corner tells a story and every view offers a postcard from the past.

Enriching Experiences Inside and Outside the Castle

Beyond exploring this magnificent palace, visitors can enjoy stunning views both within and around the grounds. After completing your tour, we recommend strolling through the charming town of Olite to taste its rich traditional cuisine. The area offers a perfect mix of culture, history, and flavor that no visitor should miss.

Ideal for Everyone

The Castle of Olite is a perfect destination for all types of visitors: families with children will find educational and entertaining activities; couples seeking a romantic getaway will enjoy its magical atmosphere; and history buffs will be delighted with its rich heritage.

Plan Your Visit

What are you waiting for to discover this treasure of Navarrese history? A visit to the Castle of Olite is not just a sightseeing trip, it’s an immersion into the life of Navarrese royalty and an opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime.