Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago

Discover the Camino de Santiago from Hotel Iriguibel: A Unique Experience in the Heart of Navarre

At Hotel Iriguibel, located at the gates of Pamplona, we take pride in being the ideal starting point for those adventurers who wish to immerse themselves in the magic of the Camino de Santiago. This ancient and revered route is not just a path; it’s a transformative experience that has captivated pilgrims from around the world for centuries.

Navarre: The Gateway to the Camino de Santiago in Spain

Navarre stands out as the entrance to the Camino de Santiago in our country. Thanks to King Sancho III the Great, who promoted this route known as the French Way in the 11th century, today we can enjoy a legacy that traverses spectacular landscapes and reveals a treasure trove of artistic and architectural jewels. From the walls of Pamplona to its imposing cathedral, every corner of Navarre tells a story waiting to be discovered.

Choose Your Route and Ideal Season

While the complete journey from Roncesvalles to Santiago de Compostela spans some 780 kilometers, many choose to tackle it in sections at different times, thus making it easier to manage time and effort. Besides taking the traditional Santiago route, you have the option to choose from various Jacobean routes along the way:

  • The French Way: Starts in Navarre at Valcarlos-Roncesvalles and ends in Viana. It is the most famous and traveled route, recognized as a World Heritage Site.
  • The Aragonese Way: Begins in Sangüesa and joins the French Way in Puente la Reina.
  • The Ebro Route: Connects Catalonia with La Rioja through the Ebro River, crossing the Ribera Navarra.
  • The Baztan Route: Originates in Urdax in the north and meets the French Way before reaching Pamplona.

We recommend choosing spring or autumn for your adventure, as these seasons offer more benign weather, ideal for walking.

Comfort and Rest at Every Step

At Hotel Iriguibel, we understand that every pilgrim needs a sanctuary to recharge. Our facilities combine comfort and traditional Navarrese hospitality, allowing you to fully relax after a day of exploration. Whether you prefer the privacy of our comfortable rooms or enjoying a nutritious dinner in our restaurant, we guarantee that every moment at the hotel will be as enriching as your journey.

Start Your Journey With Us

We invite you to begin your pilgrimage at Hotel Iriguibel, where you will find not just a place to rest but a team committed to ensuring your experience is unforgettable. We provide detailed route information, tips to maximize your trip, and the necessary support to make every step of your way safe and rewarding.

Whether you seek a spiritual connection, a physical adventure, or simply an escape from daily life, the Camino de Santiago offers all this and more. And at Hotel Iriguibel, we are here to ensure that your journey is as comfortable and enriching as possible.

Book your stay with us and take the first step towards a life-changing experience.