Bardenas Reales

Bardenas Reales Navarra

Discover the Bardenas Reales: A Lunar Landscape in the Heart of Navarre

From Hotel Iriguibel, we invite you to explore one of Navarre’s most unique and spectacular landscapes: the Bardenas Reales Natural Park. This impressive natural space, declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, spans 42,500 hectares of semi-desert terrain that captivates all who visit.

A Landscape Shaped by Time

The Bardenas Reales offer a setting that seems out of this world. This landscape is the result of centuries of erosion on soils of clay, gypsum, and sandstone, creating an environment with a lunar air characterized by flat plateaus, deep ravines, and isolated hills. Its unique beauty has served as the backdrop for numerous film shoots, including movies such as “Pride and Passion” and “Anacleto: Secret Agent,” as well as episodes of the globally famous series “Game of Thrones.”

A Destination of Diverse Adventures

When visiting the Bardenas Reales, you have the opportunity to choose from a variety of marked trails that can be explored on foot, by bicycle, in motor vehicles, or even on horseback. Each option offers a different perspective of this vast landscape, allowing adventurers of all levels to find the perfect way to explore this impressive environment.

Guided Exploration

For those interested in delving deeper into the area’s history and legends, the Bardenas Reales offer guided tours by experts familiar with every corner of the park. These specialized guides will not only show you the less-traveled paths but will also share fascinating stories, such as that of the legendary bandit Sanchicorrota.

Prepare Your Visit

Before venturing into the Bardenas Reales, it is important to consult the current limits and regulations with the Bardenas Reales Board by calling 948 82 00 20 to ensure a safe and responsible visit.

An Invitation to Adventure

Are you ready to discover the Bardenas Reales? This park promises not only to be a visual adventure but an immersion into a world where nature and history meet in their most pure and spectacular state. Visit it and let the lunar landscape of the Bardenas transport you to a completely different world, all a short journey from Hotel Iriguibel